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At 10kv 1 amp on a peak could be 40kw, it was felt. Sensors & Switches - Photoelectric. Shortcut links by equipment manufacturer or application (listed above) will make searching easier. They drove them with amps like the L4B. Fan cooled power supply. Includes mounting hardware. 3CX3000 Junkbox Amplifier Project About this project: The goal is to build a 3CX3000A7 amplifier, a so-called 'junkbox' amplifier because it's to be made with parts-on-hand or traded for, and minimum cash outlay. Voltage Voltage current power power. Operation. Name-Brand 3cx3000. Voltage current. 120vac Small Indicator Light. 6 320A Alternators purchased for 500 each. We purchased the last remaining stock from B&W. Everyday low prices for 3cx3000 online. This is barely enough for a 16 Kilowatts continuous carrier – doing ones laundry in a washing machine at the same time should be avoided, though. It is similar to a 3CPX5000A7, except it has a grid flange for direct chassis mounting. Just a bit of trivia - the current draw on the filament of these tubes are 52 amps at 7. Will work from 1. 00 250 Id Print And Apply With Datamax O'neil Printer Head 3. Looking to find other HAM / CB radio operators on-line? You found us! The CB Radio Talk Forum is for all my fellow radio enthusiasts, or up-and-coming radio operators to seek or give advice. This 10M-12M amplifier has two Eimac 3CX3000A7 tubes in it. Plate voltage runs at 4800 volts on tap May 20, 2019 · Reason is about ten 4CX5000 and 3CX3000 are for sale on ebay and ebay does not normally sell to radio stations. Suite 285, Los Angeles, CA 90025 | 310 820-1234 (phone) | 310 826-7790 (fax) | henryradio@earthlink. I mounted the on a HUGE heatsink and a fan. 433 Svetlana 3CX800A7 High-Mu Power Triode Typical Operation, Class An employee of Eimac for nearly 50 years, Sutherland, who directed the Advanced Products Lab, developed some of the more famous Eimac tube-based amps. It has 100, 120, 220 and 240 Volt export primaries. Uses a bridge rectifier. Removed from a Henry 3K Amplifier. I just blew my dummy load's one side, the 8ohm side. 0478 a must 75 watt supply amps) light at of bulb. Xforce 3cx15000 Mobile Goes To It's New Home - Duration: 2:25. :mad: The culprit was a Behringer iNuke 6000 driven to almost clipping. 2 amps It of uses 5V rectifier 10 watts heater of 5V, current, 9. Next place a low pass filter between the last amp and the SWR meter and antenna. Please email sales@rfjunk. 4-2. A few years ago, one or two 3CX3000 tubes made you a big dog in that division. net. Spectra-Physics R2 Diode Pumped Nd:YLF Infrared LASER CW, Q-switched, and modulated Zygo Laser Interferometer Super precise measurement of changes in distance Megawatt TEA-CO2 LASER Using a single EIMAC, A. Website. Jul 24, 2015 · Title: Re: Homebrew 3CX3000 on the 4kv plate tap! Post by: wb3eii on February 16, 2016, 08:22:51 AM Please keep posting updates and pictures, this is the crux of the hobby. $1,990. 2. net Go URL eaglemade (6 days ago) Power supply 6800 volts dc choose size. RM mod KL-35 AMP 35 Watt FM HF 10 meter CB linear amplifier burner boots KL35. The unit may vary slightly from the stock photo used!!!!Motor Mauls are back with a newly improved, more efficient circuit !!!!! This is a 4-6 Week Lead Time Unit !!Run a big box with out adding alternators to your vehicle and burning more gas!! Our Motor Mauls give you an Un-Fair advantage over your competition Henry Radio Inc. The socketis professionally machines crafted to provide you the best socket for your new construction projects or conversion of any kind amps. Pavhf-1000w Linear - $1,500. U. Ham Radio Classified Ads This will fit only the new amps with remote jacks. Easily handles, for example, two 3-500Z tubes. listserve. Eimac 3cx3000 tube6 amp plate supply diodes6 amp bias For sale is a doc built 323 ct. 00 Links to YC-156, YC-179 and 3CPX5000A7 Projects and information: http://www. Vacuum relay out put and vacuum tuners. The Svetlana 3CX800A7 is a direct replacement for the model 3CX800A7 manufactured in the United States. The rugged 3CX3000F7 has a grid dissipation of 225 watts vs the popular 8877 which only dissipates 25 watts. Another way to look at it: it's a 3CX15000B7 with a 5kW anode cooler (same internals and curves). 1II preamplifier test, I used an HP-608F signal ブロアがうるさい(922程度なら静か。3CX3000以上ならうるさいかも)、 いちいちチューン取らなければならない(のだが、テプラで目印を貼っておけば桶) 242 :名無しさんから2ch各局…:05/02/04 04:37:45 >236 メリット Jan 17, 2020 · Spesifikasi Paket Pemancar FM 3000 Watt PEMANCAR FM 3000W BOSTER TUBE 3CX3000 EIMAC USA EXCITER RVR TEX 30 SERTIFIKASI KELAS A POSTEL TUBE EIMAC 3CX3000 USA ANTENA FM JUMPRO pemancar fm power 3000 watt menggunakan tube USA 3cx3000, Exciter built up italy sudah dapat lisensi sertifikasi postel kelas A POSTEL lengkap antena jumpro 4 bay dan kabel heliax 7/8 60m, untuk pengadaan pemancar dengan i am using Bird 4732 sampler always connected to my Bird 4314 peak reading meter,since i work only on ssb and cw mode,and sampled signal ,around 10dbm run to my Hameg spectrum analyzer to control lateral explosion,or so called splatters and of course to control level of harmonicsnice to see only vacuum variables on yours ampsit is also my approach,together with roller inductors ,since my 3cx3000 Sale. . 3V 19. The 3CX3000F7 power grid triode with its 4000 watt plate dissipation loafs  Abstract: 3cx3000 Eimac Eimac 3cx3000a1 power transistor audio amplifier 500 watts "Power Triode" Coaxial how to test Triode Thyristors 50 WATTS audio  The amp uses a 3cx3000 A7 for the final tube. com. I wanted a Cadillac of amps with little chance of break downs and that would coast running at I have a nice 3CX3000 amp that was built by someone else. Prometheus is the result of 10,000 hours of research and development over a five year  3CX3000A7-P EIMAC Transmitting Tube PULL. Why would I even think of buying a filthy splattering mega dollar solid state amp when i can have the same convenience with a 3cx3000 for much less money and better performance? 8. Verify that things work as expected and inputs and outputs all match what you are expecting. diclaimer customer please read. › used 3cx3000 amps for sale Henry Radio Eimac 3CX-3000A7 Linear Amplifier Amp 3cx3000 Not so with the tube-type rigs. 100 x round turret lugs for diy turret boards for tube amps & other circuits * Get Free Wizard Amplifiers For Sale now and use Wizard Amplifiers For Sale immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping The box is ran on 120volts AC with a 20 amps of draw. Oct 02, 2017 · This was an amp in need of repair. Relays - Time Delay. com Received: from nlpi129. Conclusion The AF Concepts 3-312220 MHz amplifier is a well-designedpiece of equipment that will surely get a lot of use from 220 operators. yc156, 4cx5000 3cx3000 3-500z HV 3cx800 4-1000 eimac gs35b rf hv ham radio amplifier vintage antique radio transmitter transciever hf SWR is 1. <amps@contesting. Ophir Grf5016b - $2,150. 99. CHAPTER 2. sbcglobal. 33 Jakarta Barat - 11510 Call Center : Office : 021 - 2920 1135 XL (WA) : 0878 8878 1100 CX-30 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Output. Includes 6 ERTI rectifiers, 2 legs of 240k, 2 watt carbon composition resistors for series of 1. This RF Amplifier board includes 2 BLF188XR LDMOS Transistors and a Copper Heat Spreader (drilling and tapping is required). Co. net - site stats site-stats. Eimac 3cx3000 3cx2500 Linear Power Amplifier Tube Lot Tubes Hf C My Other Radio 22 Communication Systems. The EIMAC 3CX3000A7 high-mu forced-air cooled power triode provides relatively high power output as an amplifier, oscillator, or modulator at low plate voltages. A paired 8877, less that a single 3CX3000, would get more output capacitance because of interconnections. DX Engineering 8877 Ceramic Power Triodes (also known as 3CX1500A7) designed for use as a cathode-driven Class AB2 or Class B amplifier, in audio or RF applications, including VHF High band to 250 MHz. 00. 3cx3000F7/8162 cpi | 4 c W50,000J For information on this and other CPI products, visit our website at: www. Shipping anywhere in the continental US is $35. Controllers - Temperature. i acquired this unit recently and after a cleaning and thorough testing i can say this is an amazing piece of equipment. com ) The 3CX6000A7 / YU148 / YU 148 Vacuum tube is a power triode for use in zero bias RF amplifier or modulator service. Measures 7-1/2" square. but most CB sweep tube amps are driven in a grounded grid configuration which self biases it above a class "C" region (usually class B), so Phase linear 400 stereo power amplifier 200 watts per channel (cheeseman park) Sold at 400 $ Phase linear 400 stereo power amp in excellent condition. A 2-4 tube 250b base amp would be a great driver. 205-572-6922 Call/Text. !!!! Still working . The socket to the right has my *Teflon® Chimney in place. 12. 291 likes · 5 talking about this. 143]) by mailman. com [207. this is the 1st generation phase linear 400 with the Pavhf-1000w Linear . This he negative feedback in the anode current flowing through the input system. The white gasket goes around the top of the tube so the air is forced to go through the cooling fins. Rotor Bearing Retainer CDE, HYGAIN. Switches - Limit. As pictured. 73 amperes into wire 3 (coaxial cable shield) Using this model (a 135 foot high 160-meter dipole) we can add each of the balun impedances in the coaxial cable shield and estimate feedline current and power dissipated 3CX3000A7 TubeSocket . 1 2-pill x force driver. 4 Ghz, 25w C130ab02r Henry Used Vhf Repeater Amplifier Mhz Ham Or Commercial (47. It's a flat-out arms race with those guys. It'll be somewhat of a Rat as well. 5 kv 20 mf +/- oil capacitor plus a 8kv 4 amps h-v rectifier board. 30 amp circuit breaker, 120 volt remote turn on in rear panel (mono plug) can run a pair of 3cx1500 or (2) gs35b or a 3cx3000 and more!!!! I came across a site that claims the John Boy Tube Amps are the best quality tube Amps, I'm curious as to what anyone can tell me about these amps as I have never heard of them before period. - NEWS! This listing of transformers and chokes is directly from the Peter W. power supply for dual 4cx800 special deal. 3cx3000 for sale now at Ebay! From kdud1@hughes. They are arranged in alpha-numeric order beginning with AAA and ending with 999. If the SWR falls back to near 1. Lately, the 5000-Watt and 10,000-Watt size tubes are what the rumors describe among the top dogs in "AC Sky" competition. 1 INTRODUCTION Modulation is the process or result of the process by which a message is changed into information. I make and sell Sockets, PTFE Chimneys and Bias Boards: Sell Your Equipment. The tube has a low inductance cylindri-cal filament tank circuit for VHF operation. At such low cost it must also provide the cleanest RF output per dollar. Sales of amateur radio equipment and accessories hat 5. (Volts) (amps). H. 3cx3000 for sale now at Ebay! 3cx3000 Sale. Learn To Repair Car Audio Power Amplifiers Let 30 years of experience help you to succeed. Heathkit Sb-220 2kw Linear Amplifier 3-500z Eimac C My Other Ham Radio Gear Mfj The Svetlana 3CX800A7 may also be , amps at a pulse duration of 100 microseconds. Surge Suppressors. Svetlana Outline drawing Characteristics , 0. Los Angeles, CA. class AB, or class B RF or audio amplifiers. You might have better luck running single-phase, then all you would 9 results for 3cx3000a7 Save this search. 13 May 2017 BAND and ANTENNA CHANNEL allowing you continuous monitoring of the amplifiers. $25 shipped usps mail. 417 0. My friends and I have been debating tube warm up time. DA: 8 PA: 76 MOZ Rank: 25. org eaglemade | eaglemade (19 days ago) eaglemade. net (nlpi129. Switches - Pressure. Trying to get one stable enough for audio would be no easy task. The amplifier will be tested and tuned at Henry plant to your frequency Eaglemade. Email is our main method of contact. hstntx. " :yes:It's using a 3CX3000A7, and the 'Directional Through-line PEP Wattmeter' is allegedly rated at 5 kW. 5 amp steel core H-V transformer with a high grade filter capacitor, also features Eimac 3cx3000 3cx2500 linear power amplifier tube lot tubes hf c my other radio . Eimac. (Volts). Eimac 3cx3000 tube6 amp plate supply diodes6 amp bias Heathkit Sb-220 - $699. eaglemade products. Plugs and Recepticles. it has a alexa rank of #13,116,556 in the world. 3CX3000クラスになってしまいますが、それは一寸大袈裟なので、 2KW付近でどのようなものが選択肢になるだろうかと思っています。 3(4)CX800×2や8877×1では無理そうですし、 4CX1000×2当たりになるでしょうか。 さすが3CX3000のリニアだけあって強いな。 (変更検査は出したが落成検査まで逝ったとは聞いていない) Wが同時に何局も応答しているのに無視してCQ出すのは お耳がついていってないっちゅーことだがね (w Get Free 3cx3000a7 Rf Deck For Sale now and use 3cx3000a7 Rf Deck For Sale immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping This banner text can have markup. After my previous videos showing the safety hazards and damaged parts, this is the end result after working on it. 65 amperes into wire 1 2. com> The process has been described in a 50's QST article by Bill Orr, I dont have the details handy but a search of the ARRL archives should work. 12 product ratings. Not that I would know about that myself 8877/3CX1500A7 8873 8874 8875 3-500Z 3CX800A7 3CX1200Z7 3CX3000 series 3CX5000 series 3CX10000 series Tubes generally benefiting from neutralization in HF GG amps are the: Go to this page for Marshall power switch hookup diagrams. In regards to the excessive power. Heavy duty 2. 9% similar) The dimensions are approximately 19 inches long by It is rated at more than a 100% watts continuous output with 5 drive. 6 current watts of for B+ the for tube a total What drive is required for the 3CX3000 A7 ???? to run my cx3000 on 12 volts the specs say the tube needs 400to420 watts of drive enjoy 1iwilly . Surya Wijaya No. A falcon (UA6CL) Amplifier with gu74b I am working on a power supply making 4800 VDC at 2 A, as part of a 3CX3000 RF linear power amplifier build. Modulation plays vital role in the field of communication. GROUNDED GRID TRIODE HF LINEAR AMPLIFIER click on any photo to ENLARGE. 3V and of 6. Awesome score. DUAL EIMAC 3CX3000A7 Linear Amplifier/ Very nice!! - $5,800. PA output tube is an Eimac 3CX3000 A7. It has a step start power supply, Russian capacitors totaling 80uF. Its as convenient and fast as a solid state amp. 300 watts bird and 1000 peak will give you 10,000+ peak output Tube - 3CX3000 Tube used test full power output. 120vac Indicator light. the driver amps are fatboy's and the comp amps where built by 123 in Chicago. Pavhf-1000w Linear Amplifier 140-150mhz Vhf Amateur Radio 144mhz For sale is a doc built 323 ct. An inexpensive, easy to build diy valve/tube tester For quite some time I have been looking at developing a design for a diy valve/tube tester that is easy to build and uses readily available, low cost parts. Sadly they don't list prices, you have to call/email for a quote. Mar 06, 2016 · Place the SWR meter after all the amps and between the antenna, and check the SWR. Cables and Connectors. ECONCO 3CX3000A7 High Power Triode Electron Tube - Eimac. 875G ohm each. When you look in the amp, the components are larger and heavier than any Amp I have ever seen, These are big  3cx3000a7, 3cx3000, 3000. Asking price is $500 plus shipping. I have too much unused amps here so I would like to sell 2 of them: 1: Commercial made 3CX3000A7 amp, will run on 3 phase 380V made by Creative Electronics INC. $1,500. he Svetlana™ 3CX3000A7 is a high- performance ceramic/metal power triode designed for use in zero-bias, class AB, or class B RF or audio amplifiers. com (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7C8C8CCD23B for ; Tue, 1 Mar 2011 12:10:30 -0500 (EST) Received: from dudleyb4bb94c7 (adsl-75-53-146-29. About this project: The goal is to build a 3CX3000A7 amplifier, a so-called 'junkbox' amplifier because it's  22 Jan 2017 3cx3000 in action. 250 Id - $1,650. Perfect for an HF amplifier where the bypass caps are   This tube is used in many industrial applications, broadcast transmitters and the Henry 8K Ultra linear amplifier. Attention ! We ship international. The 3CX3000F7 power grid triode with its 4000 watt plate dissipation loafs along at legal limit Amplitude Modulation, plus It only needs one D. Maybe I am a little overboard on this. Selling Eaglemade products The 3CX3000F7/8162 tube is identical to the 3CX3000A7 except for the addition of flexible leads on the base for grid and filament connec-tions which can simplify socketing in low frequen-cy applications. Power-line requirements 220/240 Vac 50+ or - Amps. Thanks for looking !! -Ron . The pictures here I'm going to post are of the John Boy Tube Amp for the Mobile it says and has 3CX3000 Mobile tube Amp for $4500. This time around one of my techies forgot to turn on the fan while he was testing. I have just listed over 30 USED and NEW 11 and 10 Meter Radios and Amps ON EBAY. I have put extensive work into this amp. TAKACHI is a leading enclosure manufacturer for the electronics and industrial industry, among others. 3cx6000a7 Call or email first to confirm stock prior to entering an order( info@newtube. Advanced Radio | Alpha | Ameritron | Amp Supply | Arcos | ARRL | | B&W | BC- 610| BTI | Central Electronics | Chokes | Clegg | Collins | | Commander | Dentron   13 Mar 2001 also were sold with triode power tubes, such as in the 3CX3000. This tube has been saved as the filament connection was pitted but polished out with Scotch Brite. 8 - 30 MHz. $14. The tube has a low inductance cylindrical filament-stem structure which readily becomes part of a linear filament tank circuit for VHF operation. The article also shows a tapped L suppresor which I havent seen in use, its something Ive got to make time to test. Posted 12/14/97 12:00 AM, 33 messages Print and download in PDF or MIDI 679 / Trap Queen / My Way - Arranged by: Nick Mfuken Jiang. The transistors used are extremely rugged and can withstand an SWR mismatch for 65:1 or greater at all phase angles. It is as close to a reference guide as we will probably ever get, with an entire chapter devoted to tube curve tracers. com">mailto:amps@contesting. Listing #1482821 a 3CX3000, 4CX3000 or better than one The 3cx3000 series are designed to produce kilowatts of rf power for transmitter or rf heating use. A modern mesh filament is Cathode-Driven Radio Frequency Linear Amplifier, Class AB. CB snake oil on Ebay. So we're getting rid of Survey MethodologyThis survey was conducted online between March 10 and March 29, 2013. To simplify for those who have been here before, the pertinent information will be put at the top. Envíenos por correo electrónico sus preguntas y responderemos en español o nos llamaremos en 847-561-4971 y pediremos a un vendedor de habla hispana. 573 - 1. A modern mesh filament is used, replacing How many amps does this tube (3cx3000A7) draw at full output?? Is a 2X6 box too much drive?? What will you see (RMS) on a bird, from this box?? Dec 02, 2009 · There are many high dollar amps that can go way over 1500W. Transmit/Receive switching 60 + Amps open Vacuum relay Power-line requirements 200/240 Vac 50/60 HZ 50+ or - Amps at 240 Vac Power Supply Heavy duty 3 peak amp steel core transformer and high capacitance Homebrew 3CX3000A7 Amplifier Note: I have many images of the build in progress- It will take some time for me to get this page into shape= I had been looking for a rugged HF linear amplifier with plenty of headroom. We both manufacture and retail various high quality and customizable standardized enclosures. 8 - 30MHz, includes BIRD LINE Sectipn with 5kW slug, looks and works like new. prodigy. net [75. 25 Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso And Cappuccino Coffee Machine Maker Direct Plug Russia Soviet . Not that the 3CX3000 will ever see CB use, I don't like trouble! Sure there are some larger ones out there like 4CX5000's and 4CX10,000's but I don't need more just saying someone always has more, let's see 'em! What do they say on the CB, "Don't worry about it!" (with echo) Don't Don't Don't Don't Worry Worry Worry Worry About bout bout bout The "Junkbox" 3CX3000 Amplifier ~ NEW! ~ LASERs; How the eye responds to different laser wavelengths and why invisible lasers are so dangerous. " So the FT-2500 is a 2M transceiver, the ALS-600 is marginal and SS so no tuning involved, the AL-84 is a ham version of a CB sweep tube amp. 5 Amps 3CX3000A1/8238 - Amplification factor 5 3CX3000A7 - Amplification factor 160 Copper Talk » Open Forum » Archived Messages » 2002 » 09/01/2002 to 09/30/2002 » I think I am bad what do yall think into a pair of 3cx3000's and then ask me <amps@contesting. Class A,B, or C Amps: Now, if you would only finish that 3CX3000 mobile! we would be able to hear you stateside! LINEAR AMPLIFIER HF 3000 Watt PEP - $749. Sensors & Switches - Proximity. I don't know much about tube amps, but I have one suggestion: Test it as-is before you put your IC-746 in the loop. The 3CX1500A7/8877 power triode is designed for use as a cathode driven Class AB2 or Class B amplifier, in audio or RF applications including the VHF band as a cathode driven plate modulator Class C RF amplifier. Communication involves the transmission, reception and processing of information by electrical means. Class A,B, or C Amps Showing 1-80 of 80 messages. Some YC156 amp FAQs: What is a YC156 and why did you use it? The YC156 is a custom tube made for a medical equipment OEM for use in MRI systems. [AMPS] 3CX3000A7, Maurizio Panicara <= [AMPS] 3CX3000A7 this power supply has a built in high voltage meter and bleeder resisters soft start and 4. it is estimated worth of $ 8. com Go URL (6 days ago) Eaglemade. This is also why we want a tuned input right at the cathode, not three feet or 15 feet away like many assume is OK. Workmanshipis of the highestqualityand the amplifiereasily meetsthepublished specifica­ tions. sv9cvk. com if you have any problems ordering. 8 transformer milliamps less than (0. I have a 2 pill with 2-2290's, 3 pill, and 5 pill which are fatboys's and I have a 2pill comp, 4pill comp, 8pill comp, and a 16pill comp. 5 watts 1. (Volts) (amps) (Watts) (kiloWatts) c cathode driven RF amplifier. net The amps I owned in the past was a Yaesu FT-2500, Amp Supply LK-450 (should have kept this one), Ameritron ALS-600 & Ameritron AL-84. the radio is a cobra 29 built by dustin at rr. The 3CX3000A7 high-mu forced air cooled power triode provides relatively  (TUA) SK740. Usable 1. will give you 6000 KEY Rms 13Kw+ peak output. Amplitude and Angle Modulation. Invitations were sent to emailaddresses from the top 10,000 scoring logs submitted to the CQ WW DX Contest SSB/CW 2012. Phone # 205-572-6922 Vintage 3CX3000A7 HF Amplifier for sale. 95 and have a daily income of around $ 0. 1/1 after the low pass filter is installed then one of the amps (probably the X-Force) is generating out of band harmonics that are outside of the CB 3cx3000a7 amplifier for sale. However that page does link to short-form data for many big tubes, including all four variants of 3CX3000: For all: Filament: Thoriated Tungsten mesh Voltage 7. Ophir Grf5016b Linear Power Amplifier, 1. Sound Blaster. heaters of So 39 a 5E3 watts, and power much 47. Output power 10000+ watts with 350 watts bird and 1250 peak drive. power supply for 3cx3000 and 5000 yc-156 yc-179 3cpx5000a7. Plate and Filament Power Transformers at Parts Express. 0 Amps For Parts Only Nuova Simonelli - $2,156. And with a unique switch-mode power supply, power won't be its only take-note feature. What drive is required for the 3CX3000 A7 redwaveradio. 63 amperes into wire 2 3. Bundy Dr. 3CX3000クラスになってしまいますが、それは一寸大袈裟なので、 2KW付近でどのようなものが選択肢になるだろうかと思っています。 3(4)CX800×2や8877×1では無理そうですし、 4CX1000×2当たりになるでしょうか。 さすが3CX3000のリニアだけあって強いな。 (変更検査は出したが落成検査まで逝ったとは聞いていない) Wが同時に何局も応答しているのに無視してCQ出すのは お耳がついていってないっちゅーことだがね (w 3CX3000A7 TubeSocket . 5 volts No RF output specs, but it's pulling nearly 10KVA off the AC mains? :chin: "CQ contest. Good luck. Used to power tube pedals. g8wrb. Top. G. please feel free to contact us if you don't see what your looking for. 00 Grounded grid tetrodes are much cleaner than grid driven tetrodes. The power amplifier stages in both types of transmitters have similar  BAND and ANTENNA CHANNEL allowing you continuous monitoring of the amplifiers. Used to build model 6G15 stand alone reverbs, Re-Vibe's and pre-amps. His Eimac 8877 VHF amplifier design still is referred to as "the W6PO amp. Tubes generally benefiting from neutralization in HF GG amps are the: 810 811A 572B 304TH 3CX1200A7 and 3CX1200D7, 833 Amplificatori Lineari I 5 U X J QRO Home Made Linear Amplifier HF AMPLIFIER. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Eimac 3CX3000 RF Amplifier Tube at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Makes it easy to remote the amp. XFORCE -> SIMPLY THE BEST OF THE BEST!! ALL External Alternator Voltage Regulators Are Now Shipping With Our New Advanced Technology High Speed Circuit Board. A dremel tool easily removes one finger. On the other side, the 8877/3CX1500 has more gain. Has the following components. Type: Linear Amplifier. Many RF power amplifiers have used these tubes over the years, such as the Ameritron AL-1500 Series, Alpha 77 Series and Alpha 9500 I will sell this truck with or with out the radio and amps. These socketis designed by VA3YP. 8 – 30 MHz, designed around a single Eimac 3CX3000A7. C $1,189 Henry Radio manufactured high power tube amplifiers for Amateur Radio, business, commercial, industrial and scientific use for nearly 50 years, but that part of our business closed in 2005. 5 of amps 6. Creative Electronics CE-2500E RF linear power amplifier, 1. org/yc156. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Ma~imumcurrent @ 125 walls: 18. Tube is used in Henry Amps 4K & 4KA amplifier. Shipping to 98052: Items in search results. Visit us to buy, sell and see more May 01, 2009 · Here you can see the construction steps to build a 3cx3000A7 HF amplifier A lot of work and a lot of thinking about how and where. Pavhf-1000w Linear Amplifier 140-150mhz Vhf Amateur Radio 144mhz. Eaglemade. Thanks for looking! Richie N2AUG Re: Old QEI Xmiter problem Post by JohnC » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:45 am Wanted to follow up - tonight a friend and I pulled apart the transmitter, really the APU mod and changed the Ramp up chip u3 and while we had the mod open, my friend noticed a big glob of solder floating around the board. Electrical Devices (1687) collapse. , 2050 S. So all of the guitar players at work are debating this. The 7 meter (23') Remote Control Cable allows for remote installation of  Compare. 3CX3000 output tube [left], the forthcoming zero-feedback NBS SET, at 300 watts, will output a bare 1/10th of what the tube is capable of and still be the world's most powerful single-ended triode amp ever made. 53. Entitled ‘Tube Testers and Classic Electronic Test Gear’, it is available from Antique Electronic Supply. People at work tell me 2 minutes. net Tue Mar 1 12:10:35 2011 Return-Path: X-Original-To: collins@listserve. 5 Mnhog Rare. 1 3cx3000 driver Originally build by Dave (was a converted 3 tube 3-500z) Worked on mainly by me (looks bad, but works well) 1 Original Peter Dahl transformer Too old to remember the cost 1 2-pill x force driver PRESIDENT - MCKINLEY DELUXE AM/SSB CB RADIO WITH SELECTABLE 3 COLOR FACE, MIC/RF GAIN, SWR CIRCUIT, TALK-BACK, ROGER BEEP, NOAA WEATHER & PA. Phone # 205-572-6922. Wizard Amplifiers are hand built in Canada with construction consisting of military type turret boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance. However, with an increasing number of new hams joining our ranks, I felt it may better serve the amateur community by focusing on HF station setup and operation, both as an aid for new and returning General and Extra licensees, and as a way to encourage newly licensed 3cx3000A7 Base Power Supply Call for a Quote 954-868-2698 Subject: Re: [Amps] 3CX3000A7 on 144 MHz I'd like to see a picture of the Plate Circuit on 2 Meters with a 3CX3000. Made by user5556371781. I came across a site that claims the John Boy Tube Amps are the best quality tube Amps, I'm curious as to what anyone can tell me about these amps as I have never heard of them before period. 3-500Z. power supply. com/yc156amp 379 :3cx3000:02/12/13 07:37 あげとくか 380 :> 350 他他:02/12/13 18:50 亀レスでスマソ バンドデータデコーダ+エンコーダつくってft1000mp+ic2kl+at500を使っているけど、快適そのもの。 電源が安定しているせいか2klも800wくらいでるし。 Very similar to the configuration used in Alpha 77 series amps, they have 5 shorting fingers. Generation4 1100Amp Motor Maul. It virtually eliminates the stray inductance in the grid circuit. Dahl Co. These transformers are usually produced individually - to Alan Douglas has written the only book about tube testers in the last 35 years. Russia Soviet Union 1958 Radio Day Solovyov 2155a Linear Perf. Please contact us for shipping quotes ! Featured Products. 8 CDC power and requires about 25 amps of current at full output. Eimac 5CX-1500A NOS tube sent to CPI for certification of tube output, tube meets new tube specs, certification sheet shipped with tube. Best Sellers; Internal Sound Cards; External USB DAC and Amp; External Sound Cards; AE Series; G Series; X Series; Accessories. 1ga color coded 3 phase wire purchased for 800 Used 3cx3000 amps for sale keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website CAPACITORS - Please email sales@rfjunk. The original WB0NNI scratch built RF amplifier site launched in 1999 has enjoyed a very long and useful life. As for the 3CX3000, it is a fine tube, but an 8877/3CX1500 has lots of headroom over our maximum power limit, so at 1500W the 3CX3000 doesn't really have any advantage over an 8877/3CX1500. Clicking the above link will take you to a website that is not operated by Hotfrog. So not all amps need a fan, but it is better to cool them if you can. 3cx3000A7 (Read 9756 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Peter W. WELCOME. 36. RM Italy KL-503 CB Linear Amplifier 27MHz 10 Meter up to 450 Watt SSB (USB/LSB) From Russian Federation. HIGH MU POWER TRIODE. This is the amplifier you have been looking for. The fuse box of the single family house owned by the author provides a connection with 3 times 40 Amps at 400 Volts, hence a continuous power rating of 28 KVA. wv7u. Instead of using small muffin fans, there is a large, direct-drive blower motor, sometimes as large as one horsepower or more, drawing 10 amps of 208 three-phase power every time the filaments are powered up. The PC board is professionally fabricated and is designed to produce a very high efficiency (greater than 75% Looking for a good sized power transformer. High voltage fuse protection. A lot of the guys were building 4 hole 4-1000 decks. W4ZT Socket - This is my GS-35B tube socket or mounting fixture design. sbc. “Hank” Brown, W6HB. So, someone is buying these tubes. Will be using a input choke power supply so that will keep the Plate Voltage at the manufacture spec's of around 5 grand on the plates. Theres nothing bad to say about the 3cx3000. crawlstat. $1. Opera-tion with zero grid bias in many applications offers circuit simplicity by eliminating the bias supply. The CB Radio Talk Forum. 40 µH bi-filar 10 gauge enameled wound on a 7-1/2" x 1/2" ferrite rod. This board is compatible with, and was removed from NEW, 10 GHz Magnetron transmitter power supply with (TP) 845309-2 High Voltage Transformer. least B+ current. It is our responsibility to limit the power. Payment requested by bank/postal money order or check (sorry no PayPal). Sales@rfjunk. C. I think a 4CX500oA would make 7500 watts output using a 60 amp 240 volt AC input. 95 shipping. 15 Ohm 100 watt Resistor. 12 product ratings - RM mod KL-35 AMP 35 Watt FM HF 10 As can be seen from the photo below, a switch was added on the front panel, to select whether power was applied to the relay box when (1) the 3CX3000 amp is plugged into the wall but not necessarily running or switched in, (2) switched in and operating with the B+ applied, or (3) the power to the relay box can simply be turned off. !!! 73's de SV9CVK Chris www. S. Eimac 3cx3000 3cx2500 Linear Power Amplifier Tube Lot Tubes Hf C My Other Radio Eimac 3cx3000 - $399. The 7 meter (23′) Remote Control Cable allows for  Amateur Radio's First Solid-State Legal-Limit+ 160-10m HF Amplifier. The power supply was built by doc built 323 ctThis is a plug and play amplifier. Choose a Hammond 272JX, 273BX, 270BX, or a 270HX high voltage plate & filament power transformer. " Jack Quinn, W6MZ, marketing manager following O. 5 Volts Current 51. net extension. dsl. com, Lots of 3X3 installation and conversion information on this webpage click on any photo to ENLARGE In 2005, this amp started as an 80 meter two holer, six years later it was converted to a one holer and in 2015 it was converted to a 160-80-40 meter tri-bander. 3CX1500A7 Specifications: Power Dissipation Pd: 1. 439 Mitglieder. 15. Dahl files. Needs a 220 or 440 3phase input, any where from 5200 to 5500 Volts out at 4 to 5 amps. OK, here it is. 115. Solid State HF Amplifier 16 MRF150 2. Eimac un-bypassed socket for 4CX300A/Y style tubes that have flooded the surplus market. Higher cost is the reason why manufacturers don't use the quieter fans. . 146 Amps. 5 amps. It consists of some ARCOL 2ohm 50 Watt resistors in series. Free Sheet music for Piano. 16 May 2017 3CX3000 Junkbox Amplifier Project. For years I have been using a valve tester that I had developed in the past. 240 1. Other considerations would be cooling (designed for forced air cooling) and power supplies (huge transformers required) also, what would you use for an output transformer? The CB Radio Talk Forum. I am a master electrician and tubes are not common in commercial construction. shtml - A 2 meter amp using the YC-156 ; http://www. Maximum Ratings. Xforce Amps 21,931 views · 2:25 · Prime Minister DXing. Relays - Safety. Hotfrog is not responsible for the content or availability of linked sites. Band / Rod Heaters. The Elmac 3-500Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero-bias Class AB 2 amplifier in audio or radio-frequency applications. cpii. There have been some changes in the download procedures and a re-write of this page was needed. I think 10 minutes is good. Transmit/Receive switching 60 + Amps. Go here to see how to hook up the rectifier. Image Size: Sort: Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids Tweet BROADCAST SOLUTION Authorized Distributor : Jl. The 3CX3000F7 (up to 30 mHz) is exactly the same electrically as the eaglemade vacuum tubes capacitors relays chimneys 3cx3000a7 3cx5000 yc-156 yc-179 linear amplifiers cb radio transmitters 3cx10000a7 3cx15000a7 teflon chimneys EagleMade built Amps Eagle made built amps EagleMade built Amps Eagle made built amps EagleMade built Amps Eagle made built amps EagleMade built Amps Output power 10KW + watts. Eimac 3cx3000 - $399. 4-KWatt SOLID STATE QRO Amplifier 16 X MRF150; G. 1 3cx3000 driver Originally build by Dave (was a converted 3 tube 3-500z) Worked on mainly by me (looks bad, but works well) 1 Original Peter Dahl transformer Too old to remember the cost. sbcis. RF amps of this kind are tricky because they are almost always close to class B and so the very signal acts to modulate the output voltage of a carelessly or cheaply built power supply, in turn distorting the linearity of the signal. gr The 3CX3000A7 high-mu forced air cooled power triode provides relatively high power output as an amplifier, oscillator, or modulator at low plate voltages. 46:1 power is 1500 watts Currents at 1500 watts are approximately: 5. refunds are not accepted unless agreed 3CX3000A7 10Kw + heavy duty THIS IS A 3CX3000 CONSOLE UNIT. They may also serve as a cathode-driven Class C RF amplifier. On the other hand, these amps are intended to be played loud, and at gig volumes, the less expensive fans with their associated noise is not an issue in the eyes of many manufacturers. 5kW ; Length: - ; Diameter: 86mm ; Height: 102mm . The old page is below. Also to be considered are the screen power supply, the bias supply and the filament power supply. 00 D & A Maverick Sweep tube amp for Parts. net was registered 4 years 9 months ago. Click on the picture to see the details of the construction. 12 volts AC input produces a B+ of , the kind of driver needed for a dual 3cx3000a7 amp, 3cx3000a7 amp schematics, 3cx3000a7 mobile amp setup, tuning a 3cx3000a7 amp, 3cx15000a7 amplifier, 3cx3000a7 amplifier, big amps c b box 3cx3000a7 for sale, 3cx3000 for sale, dual 3cx3000a7 amp, dual 3cx3000a7, 3cx15000a7, 3cx6000a7 for sale, 3cx6000a7 reviews, how many alternator for Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Henry Radio Eimac 3CX-3000A7 Linear Amplifier Amp 3cx3000 C MY OTHER HAM RADIO at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! 3 phase, high voltage rectifier board. Has 120 and 240 Volt primary. All ads are published after approval by the administrator. Out of stock Diodes for building bridge rectifier board 10 Amps @ 1000 Volts. like I said where built For over 30 years WIZARD AMPLIFICATION has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. 5 out of 5 stars. it is a domain having . No one tube tester brand is vastly Guys built these types of amps for horse racing. Author: Topic: New amp fired up for the first time. com Delivered-To: collins@listserve. I say 10 minutes and 10 minutes everytime no exceptions. Operation with zero grid bias simplifies associated circuitry by eliminating the bias sup Tubes generally not requiring neutralization in GG HF amps are the: 8877/3CX1500A7 8873 8874 8875 3-500Z 3CX800A7 3CX1200Z7 3CX3000 series 3CX5000 series 3CX10000 series. 3cx3000 amps

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